Our Inventory

With our origins in Audio Engineering we hold a comprehensive stock of top quality Professional Sound Equipment in our main Warehouse. Over the years we have constantly expanded and updated our Inventory and can now boast a State of the Art Array of Audio Equipment. A comprehensive Listing is below.

In addition we have added a stock of Video Projectors and Visual Control Equipment under the same roof, and, in addition can include Creative Content Design, Software Programming and Pre-Production in our Visual Service. Our Project Managers can outsource anything that we do not hold ourselves to complement our own assets, and therefore the quality of your Show or Project.

The Equipment is important, and is constantly well maintained, but to utilise it to its potential requires technical expertise. Our Team of dedicated Engineers and Technicians are experienced with all these Technologies, and will use the Equipment in exactly the right way to ensure the highest quality result for your Project. Our Crews are skilled and experienced, calm and smiling, in fact, a pure pleasure to work with…